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Like a quasar a magic empty chair appears out of nothingness
to spread the eternal message and awakening many.....

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A federation of priests and politicians, the Thallium Agency Unlimited,
tries to prevent contact without much success ...

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A bunch of ancient gods being persecuted by all religions down the ages because
of their life affirmation and celebration hide in the very caves of the Vatican in Rome

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and discover another hidden room full of ancient beautiful statues that magically
come alive by their presence. So happy they celebrate with a big techno party ...

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but T.A.U.the thallium club is not happy
and takes the earth closer and closer to global suicide ...

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So our heroes, after finding a mysterious map describing the existence
of a mystic and a master called Osho who knows all the secrets,
decide to build the Nunsense Ark to save them
and to find his mysterious place ....

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After many adventures, after the meeting of a Sufi mystic Sardar Gurudayal Sing
and a ferocious Zen master, Niskriya Stone Head, finally they GET found by the place,
The CLUB MEDITATION, the last resort.

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After being introduced and welcomed into the commune and after the explanation
of all the different meditations and faculties of the multiversity,
our heroes try out some of the techniques offered there,
particularly the Dynamic Meditation and start tuning in more deeply with the place.

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After experiencing the famous Mystic Rose Meditation and after visiting the incredible Osho Teerth,
an ecological park project, our friends finally meet the Magic Empty Chair in the Withe Robe Brotherhood
and experience the 4 stages of the evening meditation.

Out of breath, they witness the first metamorphosis
of the chair changing into pure energy and later into a space ship
and, together with 200 disciples, they become enlightened
and go into the world again with the vessel.

Wherever the spaceship passes,
strange things happen...
people get instantly deprogrammed,
borders between nations get magically erased,
emotional dramas between people disappear,
and Homo Sapiens magically transforms
itself into Homo Novus

and a totally new journey starts .....

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