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Devakrishna Marco Giollo was born in Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland in 1953.

- 1970 he studied at the Architect School STS of Trevano, but left after a year realizing that the intensive technical studies were not going to be his real calling.

- 1971 in Lugano he joined the School of Art CSIA, where he got trained with some of the best contemporary artists of Switzerland

- 1971, the same year, he won the second prize for sculpture at the 'VI Bienneale Villa Saroli Art Exhibition'.

- 1974 he won the Bariffi Prize and one of his works was accepted and produced in the size of 3 x 15 meters sculpture at one of the 2 restaurants of the Congress House of Lugano.

He traveled all over the world, from Oregon to California, from New York to Sydney and from India and Singapore to Hong Kong, exhibiting a variety of new styles of work in many countries.

- 2000 he returned to Europe.
He now lives in Switzerland, works in his two ateliers in Scoenenbuch near Basel and Magadino in Ticino.

- 2003 & 2004 he won 2 times the second price of the Landfall Art Center recycling art competition in Alberoni, Lido di Venezia, Italy.

- 2013 he won the Swiss Artists Contest 2013 with Gallerie Del Mese-Ficsher Prize "Progetto Evo" organized by Kunst Forum International.

His art is concerned with beauty and a peaceful, silent space of meditation. It is this dimension, in stark contrast to the art-worlds 'pretensions' of constant 'novelty' and 'meaning', which he hopes to share. As he himself says:

"For me painting is a meditative act When I paint I am totally lost in the act of painting. It is a 'no- mind' experience. What I am left with afterwards is a canvas that wants to go, wants to make someone or some place happy. When that happens I feel honored and grateful; I feel I gave a little something, a little beauty to the world."

Giollo Art
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Satyaloka [ the artist formerly known as Alain Prigent ] has been running Satyaloka Unlimited single handedly since 1999. Satyaloka started his career in 1983 as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist in Paris (France). In 1990 while working as an illustrator for a Dutch magazine, he was introduced to the world of computer-aided graphic design, bought a few books and taught himself how to use CorelDraw (1.0) and PageMaker.

From then on, Satyaloka kept on working as an illustrator and graphic designer and learning new computer skills. In 1998 he joined a HTML programming course in London and started designing websites and kept on improving his web design skills using software like Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver.

Satyaloka spent 10 years in the UK, working as a freelance website designer, graphic designer, illustrator, Flash animator, cook, handyman, public relation officer, cleaner, therapist, musician and various other jobs....

In June 2004 Satyaloka settled down in Goa (India) where he lives with his wife and a tribe of cats and dogs. Moving to India has enabled him to provide the same professional web design services at much cheaper rates.

He also created the first pencil draft of this comic.

Satyaloka Unlimited

A rework of some of the Mystic Rose comic strip's illustrations here

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… the Italian Swami who co-wrote this story of this comic book … and wants to stay anonimus.
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