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The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

Characters of this adventure:


A very old federation of priests and politicians
try to stop the Magic Empty Chair and brings
the earth closer to global suicide.

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Reagan and Pope John-Paul ll the polak try to prevent the landing of the empty chair on this earth at all costs.

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Bush and Pope John-Paul ll from T.A.U. chase the one responsible for this first sexual education and, seeking revenge, they are bringing the earth closer to global suicide.

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Luciani - Pope John Paul I killed by his own people just the night before he was planning to announce that is OK to use condoms and anti-baby pills to control the increasing overpopulation.

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Al Marcione, the Chicago Bishop director of the Banco Ambrosiano involved in one of the biggest fraud and robberies of this century.

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Don Mafioso, the Italian Department of Health prime minister postpones to advertise condoms on Italian TV.

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Father Don Pussydream not having experienced sex due to his vow to celibacy …. Sleeps and dreams constantly about sex.

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Father Don Celibus wonders if celibacy is the right way to find God within

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Father Don Sordus, the deaf cardinal.

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Father Don Crusades fights against birth control and the publicity of condoms on TV with his life.

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Father Don Masturbatio

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Father Don Repressus

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Father Don Pedophilus and Father Don Novitius listen to Pope the Polack’s speech against the condom and get distracted with each other …

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Father Don Anticondomus explains the relation between condoms, science and the bible to the deaf cardinal Don Sordus.

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