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The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

Characters of this adventure:


Still holding on, making life difficult for the invaders
who are surrounding the rebels with the fortresses of
Seriousix, Beliefix, Constipatix, Warix, Pollutix, Jealousix and Thalliumix.

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Sw. Dhyanesh Asterixananda Bharti is in charge of the security in Osho's place against the continuous on going T.A.U treat.

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Sadar Gurudayal Singh, a famous Sufi mystic recently enlightened on April 1st. When he laughed before a joke of his Master Osho was uttered …. just out of trust.

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Sekito Niskriya who became recently enlightened during his daily filming of his master’s discourses… when suddenly Osho hit him very hard on his head. Hence his nick name; STONE HEAD!

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Sw. Coconut and Ma Papaya transcend sex by going totally into it and lead Tantra Trainings at Osho’s places to help bring the sex energy from the fantasies in the mind down to the genitals where it belongs, and transform it from lust to love and eventually refine it into prayer, through awareness and meditation. They eventually train Cat and Rabbit to become the best Tantra teachers.

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Ma Kalkibhava, twinky N. 14, introduce and explains Osho’s place rules to the Pagan Gods

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German Sw. Proper Sagar, the crystal wizard everybody tough he was English …. and now known by everybody as Sw. Improper Sagar and called Sw. Improprium Oceanum.

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Mohi is the Italian Swami who co-wrote this story and for strange reasons wants to stay anonymous …

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Chinese Swami Alok aka MC. Sushi, who explains to the Pagan Gods how any type of addiction is just a cover up of one’s own inner unconscious and denied emotional pain.

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Italian doctor Sw.Azima Rosciano , in charge of the Pythagoras Medical Center, treats Paddy after his collapse.

Sw Azima Rosciano book: My Life With Osho

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Ma Sneh and Jewish Swami Ramaprem explain to the Pagan Gods how in 1985 the U. S. A. branch of T.A.U. poisoned Osho with thallium and radiation and barred him from 21 countries. How his body has gradually weakened and faded away so one can’t see him at all anymore. Only his empty chair is left and it is also disappearing very fast! They explain how without his physical body it is easier for people to feel his presence and his love and that two hundred people breaking free are enough to help save the planet from self-destruction.

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Ma Manisha reads the questions in the evening discourses.

Maneesha James book: OSHO: The Buddha for the Future

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Sw.Who Nose, aka Devageet, Osho's dentist says:

"The dental chair, and the empty chair are not the same. The Remarkable Existential Emptiness who was never born and never died was known to have visited both chairs on his existential journey of endless happenings from Now-Here to Where-Next, before he never left. One chair was used by The Remarkable Existential Emptiness to discourse on the Nature of Nothingness, and the Nothingness of Nature, to the Whoops! Where-Did-They-Go-Generation. The other chair was a mysterious device called, Knower's Ark, entrusted to the care of an anonymous keeper known to the initiated as, Who Nose. Yes, the Knowers' Ark is an actuality, so is Swami Who Nose. His mystical presence is a manifestation of the Akashic Enigma who Once stated:

He who nose never speaks,
and he who speaks nose nothing."

Sw. Devageet books:
- Osho The First Buddha in the Dental Chair:
- Amusing Anecdotes By His Personal Dentist

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Sw. Mukesh, the famous Indian albino and Osho’s Place finance minister continuously fighting court cases against people jealous of Osho's place and jealous of our rebels running this unique oasis day in and day out !

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Swiss Sw.Ajito, the only jeweler who manages to create the most beautiful watches embedded with hundreds of fake diamonds that are more expensive than watches embedded with real ones.

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From left to right: Ma Shunyo leading meditations around the world with the musicians, Ma Arpita (Osho’s shoemaker) Sw. Anandadas the photographer and Indian Ma Neelam the center leader of Osho’s places in Asia.

Ma Prem Shunyo book:
Diamond Days with Osho: The New Diamond Sutra

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Sister Maria finally finds the true Love of God after having a super Tantric sex for the first time.

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Sw. Deva Teen-Tan-Ju, from Veeresh's Humaniversity Meditation Center, leader of the Mystic Rose Team, launch the first, second, third and fourth Yahoo Vaccination Program virus that instantly deprograms the entire population of planet earth from religious, social and political conditionings. Through the electric grid this virus infects and manipulates all the computers and mobile phones of the world.

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Sw.Veet Trauma, after participating in the Primal Scream group at the Osho Multiversity finally understands why he was always miserable, moody and angry for no reason at all … and starts a new and transformed life.

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Sw. Veet Nerd and Ma Prem Passionata participate in the well-known Tantra Intensive group and have to expose themselves as an exercise in the Osho Meditation Resort.

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A couple of Therapists strolling through Osho’s place satisfied after having helped people to find their true self.

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Ma Yoga Laxmi and Ma Prem Usha share their tantric experiences with a local famous Italian Swami who manages to bring them to experience the valley orgasm for four hours continuously and totally melt with the universal energy of love as he is able not to move at all, stay present with his non-emotional penis and does not come during the entire long love making.

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The Three Laughing Buddhas go from place to place and start laughing for no reason at all and spread so much joy all over the planet without using a single word.

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Sw. Devakrishna, the co-autor of this comics, flying passionately around the Meditation Resort with his Honda Kinetic-Jet looking for more adventures ...

Devakrishna's book:
The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair
Devakrishna's art:

Otoons Osho Comics

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